Episode 9: Meet the Mets – On the Road

Tropicana Field - Tampa

In this episode we talk about seeing the Mets on the road.

Stories shared include:

  • Our memorable visit to Montreal in 2003 where Tom Glavine got rocked
  • A trip to Cleveland, where the only memorable moment was the soda vendor
  • Ray’s heartbreaks in Milwaukee and Boston
  • Jon witnessing an iconic catch in San Diego and a milestone moment for Johan Santana in Wrigley
  • A shoutout to Dwight Gooden for accomplishing a rare feat in Miami back in ’93

The duo also share other non-Mets related stadium visits across the MLB, including Arizona, Seattle and and even a few minor league parks in the Northeast. As they talk about the games and stadiums, Jon and Ray plan out future road trips on the fly.

Photos from MLB Road Trips

Stadiums include Marlins Park in Miami, Miller Park in Milwaukee, Chase Field in Phoenix and Tropicana Field in Tampa – the worst stadium in the MLB!

In-Person Heartbreak

Here are two of the Mets on the road heartbreaks Ray saw in person courtesy of Coco Crisp and Corey Hart. Ugh.


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