Episode 20: Johan’s No-No

In our first ever ‘Squeeze Play’ segment – a short-form episode – we look back at Johan Santana‘s no-hitter vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. Highlights include analyzing the Terry Collins‘ agony, Ron Darling‘s ninth-inning commentary and of course, the catch by Mike Baxter.

“If it wasn’t for my dad, I wouldn’t have had cable and would have definitely missed this historic game.”

– Ray

Before we get to the game, Ray tells a story about how he just got cable ahead of the Friday evening game. And thanks to Facebook memories, JonnyIce is able to re-live his viewing of the no-no.

Cheers to Johnny Walker

This bottle of Johnny Walker Black is part of Ray’s Mets memorabilia. On June 1, 2012, he had a glass of this scotch in his studio condo after work. By the 7th inning, he was sipping on the rocks, nervously watching each pitch. After the no-no, he enjoyed a celebratory cocktail and vowed to never get rid of this bottle.

Beyond the Bag: Johan’s No-No

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