Photo: Mets-Pirates Line-up Card (Sept. 26, 1991)

As the Mets get ready to take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in a doubleheader later today, it’s only fitting that JonnyIce happened to receive his latest eBay find: A game used line-up card from Game 2 of the Mets-Pirates doubleheader in 1991!

If you ever needed a historical record of how bland (awful?) the ’91 season was, check out this order. David Wright‘s agent Keith Miller leading off, followed by Gary Templeton?! Chris Donnels and a very young Todd Hundley?! By the way, did anyone notice Chris’ name misspelled on the card???

Looking at the Pirates, how about Bobby Bonilla having a day on the bench with the rest of the Killer B’s?! And THE Lloyd McClendon of epic ejection fame batting clean-up?!

For the Record

For those wondering, the Mets won the nightcap 2-1, after losing Game 1 4-3 in 15 innings. Future Met Roger Mason took the loss.

And the ’91 Mets finished the season 20.5 games behind the division lead. The highlight? David Cone‘s season-ending CG with 19Ks on 141 pitches. To quote Mel Allen “How about that?!”

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