Amazin’ Mets All-Star Memories

With the second half of the season about to start, we decided to walk down memory lane and re-visit memorable Mets moments in the All Star game. In our latest podcast episode, we run down a list that of moments shared by an Amazin’ Avenue article, as well as our own personal memories. We also spent some time replaying Pete Alonso‘s second straight HR Derby victory.

deGrom’s Dominance

In our opinion, there’s no better All Star memory than Jacob deGrom‘s 10-pitch, 3K performance in 2015. After this outing, we should have asked ourselves: Is Jacob deGrom a video game? But we didn’t. Perhaps the craziest thing about this performance is the commentary, which six years later, is so fitting. Well played Joe Buck, well played…

“Hi, I am Jacob deGrom and I have the chance, with my stuff, to dominate baseball for years to come.”

Joe Buck on future two (maybe three)-time Cy Young Award Winner Jacob deGrom

Dickey’s Debut

We were surprised that R.A. Dickey‘s 2012 All Star appearance didn’t make the list of memorable moments. Ok, so the performance itself wasn’t very memorable (1 IP, 1 H, 1K), but the magic surrounding his unlikely run to a 20-game, Cy Young Award season was. In fact, many thought Dickey should start that year’s All Star game, but the honor was given to Matt Cain of the Giants. The same Matt Cain who drilled David Wright in the head. Talk about adding salt to the wound.

Speaking of salt in the wound, in the podcast, I talked about my only memory of this particular game was the food poisoning received while on a business trip in San Diego. Stay away from the turkey burger folks, stay away…

Harvey Day at CitiField

The energy surrounding Matt Harvey‘s start in the 2013 All Star game was uncanny. The photos that appeared in my recent memories captures that excitement. As does his performance. The irony of beaning a Yankee in the first inning! And how about my excitement with those cufflinks?!

Honorable mentions

  • The list goes on and on about Mets in All Star Games. Thinking about our teenage years, there was the game which went extra innings, yet lone Met rep Bret Saberhagen still didn’t get a chance to pitch. Does he still get paid for that?
  • There’s the year Lance Johnson played the whole All Star game and racked up three hits. His signing in the ‘95-’96 offseason is one of the best and probably underrated free agent signings in Mets history.
  • Not talked about nearly enough, how about Bobby Jones’ ’97 All Star appearance? Everyone (rightfully) talks about his 2000 NLDS masterpiece, but not enough credit is given to his ’97 first half. Up to the ASG, he went 12-5 with a 3.08 ERA, to earn his first and only All Star appearance. By the way, he struck out Mark McGwire and Ken Griffey Jr. in that game….

Episode 25: Amazin’ All Star Memories

Listen below to our latest episode where we talk about these moments in Mets All Star history, along with many other moments that occur wayyyyyy before we were born. But they’re still very impactful moments in our beloved team’s history!

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