Mets memorabilia

With the dog days of summer upon us – and the state of the current team leaving much to be desired – we decided to do a special “Mets Memorabilia” episode of our podcast. JonnyIce literally grabbed some of his line-up cards and nameplates at random, and boy did we have fun going down memory lane. Among the highlights:

  • A Cliff Floyd nameplate. Cliff is one of our favorite Mets and we will definitely do a Cliffy episode sometime soon. We couldn’t be happier for him that he caught the final out of the NL East clincher.
  • A Marlins – Rays line-up card. Talk about a random collectable. But hey, Jose Reyes’ name is in the line-up, proving that there’s always a Mets connection.
  • A ’92 line-up card featuring Howard Johnson playing CF and leading off. Come on’ Mets fans, how many of you remember HoJo leading off? I actually remember him playing CF and if I remember right, used to spend his time coloring his brown glove, black…. Yup, ’92 was a long season…
  • And additional nameplates where we re-live the brief Mets careers of Vic Black and Scott Erickson.

This is just a sample of items we discussed in this episode. I can already see us discussing additional memorabilia in the near future!

Question for readers: What’s your favorite Mets memorabilia that you own?

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