Episode 14: 2021 Mets Preview

The delay to the Mets season afforded us the opportunity to lookahead the ’21 campaign. In this episode we make some bold predictions. Examples include identifying what the Mets record will be at the end of the year, how low will deGrom’s ERA be, and predicting which member(s) of the roster won’t make it to…More

Episode 13: Edgardo Alfonzo

In this episode, we discuss the career of Edgardo Alfonzo. Before getting into his career, we do look back at Mets who wore #13 and show our love for Lee Mazzilli Other sidebar convos include players from Venezuela, the career of the “Iguana Man” Julio Machado and thinking about the 1995 Mets locker room. As…More

Episode 12: Willie Randolph

We look back at the career of #12 Willie Randolph. From his Brooklyn roots to his minor league stint in Quebec and NY Yankee stardom. We relive his late run with the Dodgers, realize a connection with Sandy Alderson and briefly touch on his Mets tenure in ’92 (brief the key word), before jumping to…More

Episode 11: Wilmer Does It Again | April 15, 2018

Continuing with our tradition of seeing a Mets game in April, we look back at one of the coldest games we ever attended: Jackie Robinson Day 2018. In this game, Wilmer Flores hits his third walk-off HR and first since the dramatic walk-off vs. Washington in 2015. But that’s not the full story in this…More

Episode 10: Terry Collins

“You’ve gotta give us a shot!”…. In honor of our 10th episode, we look back at the career of #10 Terry Collins. As we go through the history books, we’re surprised by some of his minor league tidbits, get side tracked about Zane Smith and Moises Alou, relive TC’s stints in Houston and Anaheim, including…More

Episode 9: Meet the Mets – On the Road

In this episode we talk about seeing the Mets on the road. Stories shared include: Our memorable visit to Montreal in 2003 where Tom Glavine got rocked A trip to Cleveland, where the only memorable moment was the soda vendor Ray’s heartbreaks in Milwaukee and Boston Jon witnessing an iconic catch in San Diego and…More

Episode 8: Mets Closers Vol. 1

John Franco, Braden Looper, Billy Wagner, Armando Benitez… all have closed games for the Mets, while also creating their fair share of heartburn for the Flushing Faithful. In this episode, we reminisce about these pitchers, sharing our own stomach turning moments, as well as a few laughs such as the time John Franco was tossed…More

Episode 7: Mookie Wilson

Coming on the heels of his 65th birthday, we look at the distinguished career of Mets legend Mookie Wilson. In this episode, we check out Mookie’s pop culture cameos on Seinfeld and Sesame Street, explore his early days with the Mets, and analyze the infamy of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. We also…More

Episode 6: 2000 Mets Postseason Watch Along

Re-live the 2000 Mets postseason run in our first-ever watch-along. In this episode, we watch highlights from the run to the World Series (courtesy of YouTube!), including Benny Agbayani‘s game winning HR in Game 3 of the NLDS, Bobby Jones’ masterpiece to clinch the series and the Shea excitement of clinching the NL Pennant. As…More

Episode 5: Omar Minaya – The Early Years

In this episode, we look at the early days of Omar Minaya’s career, including becoming the first ever Hispanic General Manager in MLB history. For all his experiences, we dub him the Forrest Gump of baseball as we connect him to President George W. Bush, Bobby Valentine, Grady Sizemore and co-host Ray Hernandez (seriously!). We…More