Episode 4: A Mets Potluck

In this episode, the duo enters the 2015, 2000 and 1986 rosters into a randomizer and freestyles on the players that come up. Names like Keith Hernandez, Rickey Henderson, Bud Harrelson and Todd Zeile are discussed, while obscure Mets like Mark Johnson are also part of the chat. Along the way RH and JohnnyIce also…More

Episode 3: The ’95-’96 Offseason

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the ’95-’96 offseason. In this episode, the duo talks about key acquisitions that laid the foundation for the Mets late 90s/early 2000s playoff runs. Names like Rick Reed, Matt Franco, Turk Wendell and Bobby V are dropped. We discuss the record-setting year of Lance Johnson, Bernard Gilkey’s resurgence…More

Episode 2: WWE Day at CitiField: April 6, 2019

In this episode, the duo relives attending WWE Day at CitiField at the start of the ’19 season. In addition to WWE pregame festivities and critiquing the Todd Frazier-WWE bobblehead giveaway, RH and JonnyIce re-count the excitement of this Mets-Nationals game. Highlights include Pete Alonso‘s first CitiField HR, Robinson Cano‘s no-doubter, Keyon Broxton’s lone Mets…More

The Pilot: April 23, 2005

In this pilot episode, the duo talk about a home game vs. the Washington Nationals on April 23, 2005. We learn about why JonnyIce and Victor Diaz will forever be linked, the legend of Jae Seo, Carlos Baegra’s game-day cameo, and the weirdness of the ’05 Mets roster.More